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“Famileo has brought the ability to help the residents remember moments from the past, provided staff a way to reassure the residents in time of distress and family connection improvement from generation to generation. ”
Tessa Rice - Legacy Neighborhood Director - The Lakes of Monclova
"Famileo brings communication and memories. It is also a wonderful talking point for our residents to share in their family victories or look back on the past. One of my biggest success with Famileo was to get a woman, who does not love to have discussions, show off pictures of her watercolors that her son posted in her gazette. It gave her a chance to open up and share her gifts."
Laura Lefebvre - Life Enrichment Coordinator at Duxbury house at the Village Welch Senior Living

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About us
Launched in 2015 by Tanguy de Gélis and Armel de Lesquen, Famileo is now present in more than 2,500 partner establishments in France and abroad. Thanks to continuous growth and popularity in France, Famileo has decided to expand its international reach with a particular focus on Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

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