Trilogy: residents' happiness at the core of their values

Trilogy trusted us with its Legacy Lane neighboroods, enabling 23 campuses, dedicated to Memory Care, to start and try  out Famileo for their residents!
They gathered  amazing stories and some beautiful smiles!


Trilogy & Famileo in numbers:

Communities using Famileo

Love messages received

Gazettes printed

Messages sent to families

Famileo has brought the ability to help the residents remember moments from the past, provided staff a way to reassure the residents in time of distress and family connection improvement from generation to generation.

Tessa Rice - Legacy Neighborhood Director - The Lakes of Monclova

Famileo has now won
the hearts of their teams…

« Facebook on paper! It's the resident's life on paper, right there for them. It's just amazing! »

Lisa Glahn - Legacy Neighborhood Director - West River Health Campus

HubSpot Video

… And that of the residents’ even more!


Famileo brings generations together!

"I do want to say Thank You to you and everyone that works at Famileo. The gazettes delivered to my grandma really made the difference in her last months. The Famileo gazette really helped give her something to look forward to but also remind her of us: kids, grandkids and her great granddaughter. We are all her “sweethearts” and the last day we were able to see her, she was alert and told me and my sister that it was nice to see someone she recognized. That meant the world to us. And I am unsure if she simply still remembered us or if it was our monthly visits to see her, or if it was her having her gazette available every day. Whatever the case ,this has been such a great addition to our lives. So, I want to thank everyone for the work you do."